Upcoming Events

Annual Fundraising Banquet
Please join us on the evening of Thursday, September 14th, as we welcome author and speaker, Tim DeTellis and journey through the sanctity of life ministry together.  

Tim has written seven books and his latest book “Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods" encourages others to make where they live better by loving their neighbors. Tim serves as the president of New Missions based in Orlando, Florida.

Prior to his birth, his mother had seven children and four died, so she sought medical advice from the Chief of Staff at Boston Children’s hospital, and he recommended an abortion. At his birth, Tim made medical history for the number of blood transfusions. His personal testimony of his mother canceling his abortion has encouraged audiences to take a stand on behalf of the unborn.

Thank you for how you serve, for your prayers, and for your financial support. If you have never seen the Center, we would love for you to schedule a tour to see firsthand how your support allows us to serve families with life-affirming care in and around our community.
Baby Bottle Fundraiser
Change lives, and you change the future. Change the future, and you change the world.
What a praise! You helped to raise $51,769 during this year's Baby Bottle Campaign!
Thank you!

Paulding Pregnancy Services is committed to serving families, saving lives, and improving futures. Doing so will impact our communities to embrace life. We share the unwavering truth of abundant life by assisting, educating, and bringing hope to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. By filling a baby bottle with change, cash, or a check, not only are you a part of PPS Family, most importantly, you are helping to provide life-affirming services to young women and men who need prenatal and parenting services and resources.