Baby Bottle Campaign

What a praise! Last year you helped to raise $51,769 during the Baby Bottle Campaign! Let's challenge one another with the goal to raise $60,000! Together we can!

Paulding Pregnancy Services is committed to serving families, saving lives, and improving futures. Doing so will impact our communities to embrace life. We share the unwavering truth of abundant life by assisting, educating, and bringing hope to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. By filling a baby bottle with change, cash, or a check, not only are you a part of PPS Family, most importantly, you are helping to provide life-affirming services to young women and men who need prenatal and parenting services and resources.

Change lives, and you change the future. Change the future, and you change the world.

Baby Bottle Campaign Resources

Reserve your baby bottles: email Christy at
PowerPoint Slides: These slides can be used on the big screen or easily convert to your preferred media. Click here to download
Bulletin Inserts - Mother's Day: Use this for the first week of the campaign. The document is intended to be printed double-sided.  Click here for the PDF
Bulletin Inserts - Sunday before Father's Day: Use this for the final week of the campaign, which is the Sunday before Father's Day. The document is intended to be printed double-sided.  Click here for the PDF
Bottle Instruction Inserts: Six inserts per page. Print, cut and insert into individual bottles so families know how to give and when to return. Click here for the PDF
Virtual Bottles: Click here to download the Virtual Bottle graphic. JPG
Video: This video can be played during Sunday morning announcements.  Play directly from our website or click here to download.