Baby Bottle Campaign

Right here in our community, families continue facing unplanned pregnancies and Paulding Pregnancy Services is here to offer care and support to help them sort through their thoughts and concerns and make a life-affirming decision for their pregnancy. We understand there is a lot of uncertainty with the economy right now, but our mission here at Paulding Pregnancy is still critical. Maybe even more so today. The Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy way to raise support for PPS.

The Baby Bottle Campaign consists of filling a physical baby bottle with loose change, cash, or a check but we also know that not everyone carries cash. If you prefer you can "fill a bottle" by giving online.

To make it easier for you, we've included all the campaign resources except for the bottles. Just click on the link below next to each reproducible media resource. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Christy James, Executive Director at Thank you support!

Baby Bottle Campaign Resources

Reserve your baby bottles: email Christy at
PowerPoint Slides: These slides can be used on the big screen or easily convert to your preferred media. Click here to download
Bulletin Inserts - Mother's Day: Use this for the first week of the campaign. The document is intended to be printed double-sided. Click here for the PDF
Bulletin Inserts - Sunday before Father's Day: Use this for the final week of the campaign, which is the Sunday before Father's Day. The document is intended to be printed double-sided. Click here for the PDF
Virtual Bottles: Click here to download the Virtual Bottle graphic. JPG
Video: This video can be played during Sunday morning announcements.  Play directly from our website or click here to download.