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Our Purpose

Since 1999, Paulding Pregnancy Services has served thousands of women in and around Paulding County. The Purpose of Paulding Pregnancy Services is to make sure women and young girls are provided with support as they make crucial decisions surrounding their pregnancies.

Our Goal

The goal of Paulding Pregnancy Services is to be a valuable resource to those facing an unexpected pregnancy and are in need of life-affirming choices and education; choices that uphold the sanctity of human life, choices that offer hope and an abundant future, and choices that affirm the lives of both mom and her preborn baby.

All the services we offer are free to our clients.

Being able to provide services at no cost to the families that come to us for help oftentimes makes the difference
between the mothers choosing to carry their pregnancy to term or abort their pregnancy.

All services are free and confidential.  We do not refer for or provide abortion services.

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